Balpirik Balm Green 20g (印尼酸痛膏綠色)


20g per bottle 
Extra Strong 
Relieve sprains, gout, rheumatic pain and muscle aches.

  • Balpirik is a balm to help relieve sprains, gout, rheumatic pain and muscle aches, and can be used to overcome dizziness, travel sickness, itching due to insect bites and colds. Balpirik has aroma therapy so it can help relieve colds and flu. Avoid using lavender balpirik for children under 2 years. 

    Balpirik is only as an ointment for external use.  it has a miraculous effect on shoulder pain, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, cervical soreness and sprain. Suitable for the elderly, sports enthusiasts, long-term office workers, etc.

    Balpirik is used to help alleviate:

    - Sprains
    - gout
    - Pegel rheumatic pain
    - Muscle ache
    - Dizzy
    - Drunk travel
    - runny nose
    - Itching due to insect bites
    - Colds

    Oleum cajuputi, Oleum eucalypti, Menthol, Camphor, Clove oil, Peppermint oil, Methyl salisilate, Vaseline album.

    Side effects:
    All drugs must have side effects, but not everyone will experience these side effects. Balpirik is a Balm which has side effects such as burning, sting and Itchy.

    How to Use:
    Apply enough Balpirik to the part that needs it, if necessary repeat.

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